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Now the subject of a movie, “A Private War.”

Marie Colvin met Gerald Weaver at Yale. There they began a romance that evolved into a 37-year friendship. She inspired him to write a novel. With her editing and coaching, he wrote “Gospel Prism.” Only days after he mailed it to her, she took the manuscript to the most dangerous place on earth, where she…
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American Voters Are Not Stupid

Deafening Silence The American voter is not stupid, contrary to what many of my fellow liberals are posting on social media. The voters know that ISIS is Islamic, and that the two towers were destroyed by Muslim terrorists, and that terrorist acts in Nice, Nairobi, Paris, Baghdad, Orlando, Brussels, Kabul, Manchester, and London were directed…
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“Not Orwell, but Kafka.” -Gerald Weaver

Not George Orwell, but Franz Kafka. “President Trump does not appear to be cunningly forcing a planned agenda on the country. Rather, he appears to be something along the lines of an idiot savant of authoritarianism.” “Certainly, a character that is a narcissistic brat, lost in the childish dream of himself . . .” “We…
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Patriarchy, Equality, or Women in Charge?

Read it all at the Medium News. (excerpt) Robert Sapolsky reported an interesting study of our primate cousins, the baboons, in 1990, in Scientific American. Apparently, the alpha male baboons died off in a troop in which the hierarchy was typically fiercely enforced. In fact, it happened because they only allowed themselves to feed at…
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Press for “Gospel Prism,” by Gerald Weaver

Just some of the national press (United Kingdom) for Gospel Prism: 22 February 2015, article on Gospel Prism in The London Sunday Times here: BBC World Service “Outlook” interview, 15 April 2015, of Gospel Prism author: 21 May 2015 BBC World Service “Newsday” interview of Gerald Weaver, discussing Gospel Prism: Feature article…
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