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Life, Writing, and Marie Colvin, by Gerald Weaver (Gospel Prism)

Article posted in "" online magazine for writing in Ireland.

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The process of writing and writing his novel, Gospel Prism, is discussed here by author, Gerald Weaver, in an article that appears in the magazine for writing in Ireland, “” for the first and only time.  The article, also for the first time, reveals some early photographs of Marie Colvin, the famous American-born British journalist who inspired Gerald Weaver’s novel and who made the commitment to it of carrying that large original manuscript on her final assignment, jammed into a small backpack with very little else.  The intimate involvement she had in the novel is woven into the story of how and why this author writes, and offers some insights into the process that might be valuable to a beginning writer.  Fortunately for Gerald Weaver, Marie Colvin provided the editing assistance, both in her life and by her unfortunate death, that allowed the author to just get it all out on the page.