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TOP TEN signs that Paradise may have been Lost – Gospel Prism

Paradise Lost, by John Milton, provides an outline for chapter 5 of Gospel Prism.

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TOP TEN signs that your paradise just may have been lost.

10) She calls you by another man’s name at the wrong moment.

9) Your business suddenly has an IRS padlock on its front door.

8) Your friends all start asking you how you are doing.

7) They stop asking.

6) You decide that knowing is better than not knowing.

5) You discover what it means to have no flood insurance.

4) You wake up to find your name and photo on the first page of the New York Post.

3) Global warming.

2) The boats that suddenly appear off the coast of your pristine idyllic indigenous land are full of white men.

1) The archangel Uriel waves his flaming sword and tells you it is time to leave.

(Gospel Prism, chapter five, refers to Milton’s Paradise Lost.)