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Top Ten Lists

TOP TEN criticisms to let you know you may have written a book for the ages – Gospel Prism

Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, the basis for Chapter 6 of Gospel Prism.

TOP TEN criticisms to let you know you may have written a book for the ages, (actual critical notices for Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, the basis for Chapter 6 of Gospel Prism.) 10) Only one library, and that in Philadelphia, orders the book. 9) You are immediately fired from your job. 8) A famous…
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TOP TEN signs that Paradise may have been Lost – Gospel Prism

Paradise Lost, by John Milton, provides an outline for chapter 5 of Gospel Prism.

TOP TEN signs that your paradise just may have been lost. 10) She calls you by another man’s name at the wrong moment. 9) Your business suddenly has an IRS padlock on its front door. 8) Your friends all start asking you how you are doing. 7) They stop asking. 6) You decide that knowing…
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TOP TEN things that show you are Italian. (Gospel Prism)

Chapter 4 of Gospel Prism refers to Dante’s Inferno. The authors of each have Italian blood. Dante turns 750 this year.

TOP TEN things that might tell you that you are of Italian descent. 10) You love The Godfather, the Pope, The Sopranos, Ferrara’s and Ferrari’s. 9) You feel you are a Latino when you hear salsa music. 8) You read Dante’s Inferno for the way he can hold a grudge. 7) You know the Italian…
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TOP TEN bad deals (Gospel Prism – Merchant of Venice)

The Merchant of Venice haunts the third chapter of Gospel Prism.

10) Fox selling Star Wars merchandising rights to George Lukas for $20,000. 9)  Shylock not selling back that pound of flesh for 3,000 ducats. 8)  Selling 10% of Apple stock for $800.   (This happened. Ron Wayne, 1976.) 7)  Boston selling Babe Ruth for $100,000. 6)  Refusing 6,000 ducats for that pound of flesh. 5)  Paying…
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TOP TEN reasons why reading Montaigne will make you a better husband.

Chapter 2 of Gospel Prism loosely refers to Montaigne’s Essays.

10) He was French, after all, so he has that going for him. 9)  He is endlessly self-questioning and skeptical of his first instincts. 8)  He was distrustful of passion as a guide to relationships. 7)  He is a complete and natural human being. 6)  He placed a premium on experience and self-examination. 5)  “We…
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Top Ten Reasons to read Don Quixote:

The first chapter of Gospel Prism loosely paraphrases Don Quixote

10) You will laugh out loud. When the written word does that, it is rare. 9) It is the greatest “bromance” of all times. 8) It is the first novel and the best. 7) Its hero loves imaginative fiction more than the most passionate reader, and is willing to pay the price for that. 6)…
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