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TOP TEN bad deals (Gospel Prism – Merchant of Venice)

The Merchant of Venice haunts the third chapter of Gospel Prism.

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10) Fox selling Star Wars merchandising rights to George Lukas for $20,000.

9)  Shylock not selling back that pound of flesh for 3,000 ducats.

8)  Selling 10% of Apple stock for $800.   (This happened. Ron Wayne, 1976.)

7)  Boston selling Babe Ruth for $100,000.

6)  Refusing 6,000 ducats for that pound of flesh.

5)  Paying Adam Sandler $25 million for “That’s My Boy.”

4)  Portugal trading everything east of that line (tip of Brazil) to Spain for everything west, (the rest of the hemisphere).

3)  Not taking 36,000 ducats for the flesh.

2)  France selling most of the North American continent for $17million.

1)  The bad deal Portia gave Shylock in the end.

Be sure to add your suggestions, or subtract from these as well.  (Gospel Prism)