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Top Ten Reasons to read Don Quixote:

The first chapter of Gospel Prism loosely paraphrases Don Quixote

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10) You will laugh out loud. When the written word does that, it is rare.

9) It is the greatest “bromance” of all times.

8) It is the first novel and the best.

7) Its hero loves imaginative fiction more than the most passionate reader, and is willing to pay the price for that.

6) It is a treatise on the value of living by “the order of play.” Not a bad guide for how to survive in the world.

5) It is the original “Colbert Report,” in which the author and the actor/character are both on the stage.

4) The book knows that it is being read, and as such anticipates every modern metafictional novel.

3) We have all tilted at windmills, and for good reason.

2) It is the premise of the first chapter of Gospel Prism.

1) You really will laugh out loud.