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American Voters Are Not Stupid

Deafening Silence

Deafening Silence The American voter is not stupid, contrary to what many of my fellow liberals are posting on social media. The voters know that ISIS is Islamic, and that the two towers were destroyed by Muslim terrorists, and that terrorist acts in Nice, Nairobi, Paris, Baghdad, Orlando, Brussels, Kabul, Manchester, and London were directed…
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“Not Orwell, but Kafka.” -Gerald Weaver

In What Book or Story Are We Now Living?

Not George Orwell, but Franz Kafka. “President Trump does not appear to be cunningly forcing a planned agenda on the country. Rather, he appears to be something along the lines of an idiot savant of authoritarianism.” “Certainly, a character that is a narcissistic brat, lost in the childish dream of himself . . .” “We…
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Patriarchy, Equality, or Women in Charge?

It is coming. Rest assured. Be nice

Read it all at the Medium News. (excerpt) Robert Sapolsky reported an interesting study of our primate cousins, the baboons, in 1990, in Scientific American. Apparently, the alpha male baboons died off in a troop in which the hierarchy was typically fiercely enforced. In fact, it happened because they only allowed themselves to feed at…
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Press for “Gospel Prism,” by Gerald Weaver

Press reports for "Gospel Prism," by Gerald Weaver (United Kingdom)

Just some of the national press (United Kingdom) for Gospel Prism: 22 February 2015, article on Gospel Prism in The London Sunday Times here: BBC World Service “Outlook” interview, 15 April 2015, of Gospel Prism author: 21 May 2015 BBC World Service “Newsday” interview of Gerald Weaver, discussing Gospel Prism: Feature article…
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Gerald Weaver interviewed on WNET TV NYC

Author of Gospel Prism interviewed on second novel.

For his second novel, “The First First Gentleman,” Weaver wraps a love story and a thriller into one, all while providing honest and insightful commentary on the nation’s political system. Tonight, he joins us to discuss the book and the current state of politics. Watch the interview here.   

Read Gospel Prism Closely, to Win

£400 Prize for First Place in Literary Reference Contest

This is a contest to see who can accurately find the most literary allusions in the critically acclaimed novel, Gospel Prism. It is a skill test, for those who love the great literature to which that novel pays homage. First prize is £400, second prize is £200, and third prize is £100. Eligibility is explained…
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Gospel Prism – Amazon Spring Sale – 99p – Kindle Version

An excellent price for a book you will read twice.

In the United Kingdom, Now on Sale, at 99p, the Kindle version of Gospel Prism, the Borgesian “rollicking good read” that Marie Colvin carried on her last assignment. Jane Graham, in The Big Issue magazine, has said of Gospel Prism, “You don’t have to get all the literary allusions, but it helps.” Reviewer Rebekka Lattin-Raswtrone…
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Gospel Prism is dedicated to Marie Colvin

Marie Colvin Carried Gospel Prism on her final assignment.

Four years ago (22 February 2012) on this day, the world lost a tireless human rights supporter, a determined and fearless award-winning war correspondent, a glamorous and charismatic woman, and an advocate for all the violently oppressed peoples in the world. Some of us also lost a good friend who was capable of grand generosity,…
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Gospel Prism: Sale – Mass Market Paperback

Suitable for gifts . . .

 Today, 28 January, the mass market paperback or Gospel Prism is available on US Amazon and UK Amazon.  You may own this physical book now for a fraction of the price. Sixty-six (66) of the seventy-five reviews of it on the UK Amazon site are five stars. It has two hundred and twenty-five ratings on…
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Septimania, by Jonathon Levi

It is the literary astrolabe for the twenty-first century.

Reading Jonathan Levi’s Septimania is like making love to an emotionally or psychologically unbalanced person; in the moment it is extremely enjoyable and even exciting, but upon some sober reflection it is a rather deep matter that is somewhat frightening. Synesthesia is the neurophysiological gift that allows one to see certain musical notes as individual…
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