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Global eBook Sale!

Sale of Kindle version of Gospel Prism

Gospel Prism, the eBook version, is on sale, from now until 23 November, on all Amazon outlets worldwide. Only 99 cents (US), 99 pence (UK), 99 cents (EU), and what is the best bargain of all (due to exchange rates) 99 cents (Canada). Purchase Gospel Prism on sale in the US. Purchase Gospel Prism on…
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Book Party for Gospel Prism

Gosple Prism goes to Yale

Book Party for Gospel Prism, during Yale Writers’ Conference in New Haven, Connecticut, at 9:00 PM, on Friday, 19 June.  Meet noted author, MG Lord (Elizabeth Taylor: Accidental Feminist, Forever Barbie, Astroturf, etc.) and Jonathan Levi (Guide for the Perplexed) as they acknowledge and celebrate the publication of Gospel Prism, by Gerald Weaver.  Attendees at…
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Gospel Prism – Chapter 4 – scene – “Mr. Rimmon’s Neighborhood

Chapter 2 of Gospel Prism, Christian goes to and returns from Hell.

In this scene from the fourth chapter of Gospel Prism, “Mr. Rimmon’s Neighborhood,” Christian relates a story from a part of a remarkable journey he made while he was in prison.  It seems that he actually made a trip to Hell and lived to return to tell about it.  Here he relates what he saw…
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Gospel Prism – Times of London Article 23 May 2015

War Reporter Died Carrying a Book (Gospel Prism) by Her First Love.

Here is a link to an article which appeared in The Times of London on 23 May 2015, which relates the story of how Gospel Prism was inspired by Marie Colvin.  “When Marie Colvin, The Sunday Times war correspondent, embarked on her fatal assignment to Syria three years ago, she carried in her small knapsack…
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Gospel Prism – chapter 3 – scene – “The Rabbi”

Scene from chapter three of Gospel Prism.

This is a scene from the third chapter of Gospel Prism.  Click on this chapter title: called “The Rabbi,” to learn from Christian himself how he came into prison, frightened and unable to sleep for three days and nights.  He was given protection from an unlikely source and for an interesting reason, one that had…
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Gospel Prism – Chapter 2 – Scene – “Down from the Tower”

In this scene from the second chapter of Gospel Prism,

In this scene from the second chapter of Gospel Prism, “Down from the Tower,” Christian receives a highly improbable visit in his prison cell, in the middle of the night, from a beautiful mixed race woman.  Somehow he knows that she is the messiah, but he also knows that her message is quite different from…
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Gospel Prism – BBC Newsday – Gerald Weaver

Gospel Prism - The Book That Marie Colvin Was Reading in Homs

Listen here to the BBC Newsday interview of Gospel Prism author, Gerald Weaver.  Nuala McGovern questions Gerald Weaver about how he first met world famous war correspondent for The Sunday Times, Marie Colvin, and what was the nature of their relationship and friendship.  They also discuss the ways in which Marie Colvin was closely involved…
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Scene from Gospel Prism, chapter 1, “Lepanto Road Dogs”

Christian and Little Philly Ray have their first conversation.

In this early scene from Gospel Prism, in the first chapter, “Lepanto Road Dogs,” Christian has his first conversation with Little Philly Ray Sanchez, who later becomes his road dog, his toughest and most loyal friend in prison.  In this scene they discuss Little Philly’s knife and gunshot wounds, the supposed deterrent effect of prison,…
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BBC “Outlook” Interview of Author

The Rise and Fall and the Redemption - Gospel Prism

Listen here to the BBC “Outlook” interview of the author of Gospel Prism, Gerald Weaver.  It ends with the story of how famous journalist, Marie Colvin, was “the inspiration, the muse, the editor, the initial idea, the coach,” for the author and the novel, and how she took the manuscript on her final mission.  But…
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Goodreads Giveaway

Take advantage of the Goodreads Giveway for Gospel Prism. Win a signed deluxe hardcover advance copy, personally inscribed to you, of Gospel Prism, a page-turner that is also poignant, humorous, intelligent and utterly unique. It is a limited time offer, so please act quickly. Christian, the skeptical hero of Gospel Prism, receives a midnight visitation…
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