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Press for “Gospel Prism,” by Gerald Weaver

Just some of the national press (United Kingdom) for Gospel Prism: 22 February 2015, article on Gospel Prism in The London Sunday Times here: BBC World Service “Outlook” interview, 15 April 2015, of Gospel Prism author: 21 May 2015 BBC World Service “Newsday” interview of Gerald Weaver, discussing Gospel Prism: Feature article…
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Gospel Prism: Sale – Mass Market Paperback

 Today, 28 January, the mass market paperback or Gospel Prism is available on US Amazon and UK Amazon.  You may own this physical book now for a fraction of the price. Sixty-six (66) of the seventy-five reviews of it on the UK Amazon site are five stars. It has two hundred and twenty-five ratings on…
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Global eBook Sale!

Gospel Prism, the eBook version, is on sale, from now until 23 November, on all Amazon outlets worldwide. Only 99 cents (US), 99 pence (UK), 99 cents (EU), and what is the best bargain of all (due to exchange rates) 99 cents (Canada). Purchase Gospel Prism on sale in the US. Purchase Gospel Prism on…
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Scene from Gospel Prism, chapter 1, “Lepanto Road Dogs”

In this early scene from Gospel Prism, in the first chapter, “Lepanto Road Dogs,” Christian has his first conversation with Little Philly Ray Sanchez, who later becomes his road dog, his toughest and most loyal friend in prison.  In this scene they discuss Little Philly’s knife and gunshot wounds, the supposed deterrent effect of prison,…
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