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Press for “Gospel Prism,” by Gerald Weaver

Just some of the national press (United Kingdom) for Gospel Prism: 22 February 2015, article on Gospel Prism in The London Sunday Times here: BBC World Service “Outlook” interview, 15 April 2015, of Gospel Prism author: 21 May 2015 BBC World Service “Newsday” interview of Gerald Weaver, discussing Gospel Prism: Feature article…
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Gospel Prism is dedicated to Marie Colvin

Four years ago (22 February 2012) on this day, the world lost a tireless human rights supporter, a determined and fearless award-winning war correspondent, a glamorous and charismatic woman, and an advocate for all the violently oppressed peoples in the world. Some of us also lost a good friend who was capable of grand generosity,…
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Gospel Prism: Sale – Mass Market Paperback

 Today, 28 January, the mass market paperback or Gospel Prism is available on US Amazon and UK Amazon.  You may own this physical book now for a fraction of the price. Sixty-six (66) of the seventy-five reviews of it on the UK Amazon site are five stars. It has two hundred and twenty-five ratings on…
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Global eBook Sale!

Gospel Prism, the eBook version, is on sale, from now until 23 November, on all Amazon outlets worldwide. Only 99 cents (US), 99 pence (UK), 99 cents (EU), and what is the best bargain of all (due to exchange rates) 99 cents (Canada). Purchase Gospel Prism on sale in the US. Purchase Gospel Prism on…
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Gerald Weaver on Marie Colvin’s impact on Gospel Prism

Marie Colvin carried the manuscript for Gospel Prism with her on her final assignment in Syria. Colvin was a lifelong friend of author Gerald Weaver and was the driving force behind him writing the book. In this short video, Gerald Weaver talks about his relationship and friendship with Marie Colvin and how she was  closely involved in…
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Book to Boost Colvin Fund

Here is a link to an article which appeared in The Sunday Times of London on 22 February 2015, which relates the story of how Gospel Prism was inspired by Marie Colvin.  “American-born Colvin, widely acknowledged as the leading war correspondent of her generation for her work across the Middle East and in Sri Lanka,…
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Why I Write

My desire to write springs from my love of reading and from the desire to share that profound affection. The New York Times once said of Virginia Woolf’s, The Common Reader, that it was not the volume of collected essays and reviews that it purported to be but that it tirelessly and creatively sought to…
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The Setting of Gospel Prism

Gospel Prism is set around and in a men’s minimum-security prison in London, Kentucky, which lies along the edge of the Appalachian Mountains of the United States. The Appalachian Mountains stand like no other place on the North American continent, as some middle ground in the spiritual geography of the land mass. They are not…
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Harold Bloom

“Gospel Prism is a remarkable, charming but disturbing novel with an intriguing premise.”

Jonathan Levi

“Weaver’s Gospel Prism breaks up the harsh light of prison into a glorious rainbow and takes us on a journey into the heart of a shadowy place, lit by a literary wit and the intricate knowledge that at the end, as in the beginning, there is the Word.”