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Press for “Gospel Prism,” by Gerald Weaver

Press reports for "Gospel Prism," by Gerald Weaver (United Kingdom)

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Just some of the national press (United Kingdom) for Gospel Prism:

22 February 2015, article on Gospel Prism in The London Sunday Times here:

BBC World Service “Outlook” interview, 15 April 2015, of Gospel Prism author:

21 May 2015 BBC World Service “Newsday” interview of Gerald Weaver, discussing Gospel Prism:

Feature article (23 May 2015) on Gospel Prism in The Times of London here:

The New Statesman magazine on 5 June 2015 about the story behind Gospel Prism.


Editorial reviews:

“As intellectuals go, Weaver is definitely one of the fun, and possibly blasphemous, ones. His prose is sharp, cute, sometimes lyrical and often surprisingly funny.”  – The Big Issue

“If you were to imagine what kind of book might be written in the wake of modernism, this is the sort of book you would imagine.” – Lattin-Rawstrone

Gospel Prism provides genuine pleasure for lovers of literary allusion (and exposes the gaps in one’s reading).  – Jack Messenger, Bookbag


Additional United Kingdom national press coverage of Gospel Prism:

Listen to an in-depth interview of Gerald Weaver on Monocle24, in which he discusses Gospel Prism, Marie Colvin and their connection to Yale and other places:

Here is an interview of Gerald Weaver on Talk Radio Europe:

Here is an article that appeared in Ireland’s online Writing magazine: